Adult Dogs

Adult Dogs

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  • Hero Dog - The four legs that save lives without a flying cover

    Every day we see on television some case where a hero dog discovered something important about a police search, sniffing or digging places that end up unraveling everything, to ...

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  • Famous dogs that become famous together with their owners

    The charm of pets has no distinction. And it is not because the artists have a troubled agenda, in which they often go to three or four different states on the same day, that they ...

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  • Famous dogs in history and their impressive deeds

    You have certainly watched and enjoyed the adventures of the film “Lassie”, were touched by Hachiko in the feature film “Semper ao Seu Lado”, or read the story of the well-known presidential dogs or who were striking at some point. Some more unknown and others that ...

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  • Abandoned Dogs - Learn how to help

    Street dogs, generally abandoned, live at the mercy of food scraps and shelters they can find to survive, and these dogs, like any other animal, reproduce and the problem is that for lack of someone to control this population, for example with a ...

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  • Animal NGO

    With the evolution of people's thinking in relation to animal rights, new forms of protection and the search for these rights have emerged. Within these forms, the creation of animal NGOs is perhaps the most important of them.ONGs are Non-Governmental Organizations ...

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