American Curl: Playful and lovable

American Curl: Playful and lovable

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The American Curl belongs to a still very rare cat breed and has a very endearing character. With her balanced, moderate temperament, she fits well in a household, but is adaptable overall. American Curl cats enchant not only with their special appearance - Image: Shutterstock / Vasiliy Khimenko

Since the American Curl is very playful, it quickly gets boring. She loves to pursue her hunting instinct, sharpen her claws and apply her intelligence on a small scale, for example with cat toys. Since she likes to learn something new, her owners can combine it with play units.

American Curl: A friendly, cuddly cat

The nature of this cat is very gentle, friendly, people-oriented and cuddly. Being petted, cuddling and lying on the couch next to her person is on her daily schedule. In addition, she is known for her funny character, with which she often makes her owners laugh. Boredom rarely occurs with this loving cat with great entertainment talent.

Affectionate and sociable character

The American Curl is very adaptable and easy to deal with. She is fond of children and generally very fond of people. She is usually not shy about strangers. Easy to care for, social and tolerable as it is, it is very clear that she would prefer to be held together with a second cat, because cuddling and playing with another four-legged friend is a matter close to her heart.

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Uncomplicated as it is, the beautiful cat with the special appearance feels comfortable in a wide variety of households - the main thing is that they are loving and cat-friendly and their people want to deal with them a lot.