Study Discovers What Dog Breeds Are More Likely To Be Naughty Or Nice

Study Discovers What Dog Breeds Are More Likely To Be Naughty Or Nice

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November 16, 2018 Photos by: OlgaOvcharenko/Shutterstock

The Doggo Edition of Santa’s Naughty or Nice List are out and the folks at Furbo Dog Camera ought to know! Where does your breed fall on the list?

The folks at Furbo Dog Camera are like little whispers in Santa’s ear! The makers of the world’s first treat-tossing camera that was designed just for dogs released “Santa’s Naughty or Nice List: Doggo Edition,” and Samoyed parents might not be that surprised to know their dogs topped the naughty list!

Furbo looked at data from over 15,000 dogs during the course of a week to see what they did when their pet parents weren’t around. Victor Change is the CEO of Furbo and said that dog moms and dad have a pretty good idea of what happens while they’re gone, but Furbo’s abilities let them give Santa cold, hard facts.

Chang said that while Samoyeds topped the naughty list, with about 52 barks a day when their humans were gone, they were closely followed by Yorkshire Terriers who barked more than 23 times a day on average.

And if you want to know who Santa will be bringing the best and brightest holiday gifts to, it’s those adorable Bernese Mountain Dogs. Furbo says it’s not for any particular reason other than Bernese Mountain Dogs are just so stinking cute, they’re sure that they’re also as nice as can be! (Also, they barked the least while their humans were gone, with 3.1 barks on average.)

Based on an average number of barks a day, the following pups may be getting coal this year:

Samoyed – 52.8 barks
Yorkshire Terrier – 23.6 barks
Poodle – 22.2 barks
Bichon Frise – 20.3 barks
Doberman – 19.6 barks

When it comes to whose on Santa’s nice list, the following should be getting all sorts of goodies in their stockings:

Bernese Mountain Dog- 3.1 barks
West Highland Terrier – 3.5 barks
Shetland Sheepdog – 6.1 barks
American Staffordshire Terrier- 6.2 barks
Shiba Inu – 8.1 barks

If you want to work on keeping your pup on the nice list for next year, look into a Furbo Dog Camera so you can even work with it and toss treats while you’re not even home. Then maybe they won’t bark so much!

Or will they???? Furbo will know!

Lori Ennis

Lori Ennis is a wife, mama and friend to all animals. A self-confessed “Hot Mess,” she lives wherever the Marine Corps takes her husband. Currently, that’s Maryland with her very spoiled Labrador Retriever-mix rescue pups and a ton of saltwater fish just tanking around. Lori’s family has fostered dogs for years, mostly Golden Retrievers, and knows no home is complete without an animal buddy (or seven)!

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