Dog games for the walk: tips

Dog games for the walk: tips

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Monotonous walks from A to B are boring not only for you, but also for your dog. Interesting dog games can provide a lot of variety and bring momentum to the daily walk. Search games: A nice change while walking the dog - Image: Shutterstock / Igor Normann

Doing the same laps while walking on a leash - this can be boring for the dog in the long run. Offer your four-legged friend some variety - for example with dog games that can be easily integrated into every walk. The following applies: head work demands a lot more than just going for a walk, which is not only fun for the animal, but also makes full use of it.

Break new ground when walking

You can offer your dog the fastest change when they explore new paths together every day. Nothing is more boring than covering the same route every day. New ways offer new smells that your dog can sniff out. If you cannot redesign your walk every day, you should have a few dog games ready for your four-legged friend, with which you can challenge his nose, for example.

Dog games for the sensitive nose

Throw some dry food scattered across a meadow so your dog has to sniff it out. Searching in tall grass is even more effective: there your four-legged friend has to make a special effort to get his reward. Alternatively, you can hide small piles of dry food - under leaves, in low branch forks, on benches or other objects. Over time, you can come up with increasingly tricky hiding places.

Have the dog fetched playfully

Retrieving exercises are also great dog games for the walk. Your dog not only strains its nose, but also trains its memory, obedience and endurance. This method is ideal especially for dogs with a high hunting instinct, since their urge to hunt can be redirected and controlled. Instead of rabbits or squirrels, he should rather run after a food bag or his favorite toy. First, let your dog sit or sit in a place of your choice and hide the object of desire so that it cannot see exactly. Then give the command "Search!" So that your four-legged friend knows that he can get started. If he delivers the prey like that, there is a treat as a reward. With such small exercises, the walk becomes much more exciting for both dog and human.

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