New Law in New York Will Revolutionize Microchipping

New Law in New York Will Revolutionize Microchipping

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December 21, 2017 Photos by: Kichigin/

A new law in New York is aiming to reunite pet owners with their missing pets sooner than ever before, mandating that any pet that is ‘found’ must have a check for microchipping within 24 hours of being found.

A new law signed by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo now requires pets found and/or taken in by animal shelters, rescue groups or other pet-affiliated organizations to check for microchipping and owner information within 24 hours, and in turn, to try to contact the pet’s owner within 24 hours as well.

The state Department of Agriculture and Markets will also now make a list of regulations and rules that will standardize the microchip technology that New Yorkers employ with their pets, in an effort to better help reunite pets and their owners.

Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal co-sponsored the bill and calls it a step forward for the protection of cats and dogs in New York. She says that better microchip technology, and its use, will make it easier to immediately connect pets and their owners like they’ve not been able to before.

The bill’s fans say that a regulated, uniformed protocol for microchipping will make a big difference in the reuniting of pets, and also will reduce the need for euthanasia for animals who are more often and quickly reconnected. According to a study by the American Veterinary Medical Association, dogs who have a microchip and are lost are able to be reunited with their families about 50% of the time, while microchipped lost cats are reunited with their owners almost 40% of the time.

The law will become effective 120 days from December 18, when it was signed.

Lori Ennis

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