How to introduce cats and dogs

How to introduce cats and dogs

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How to introduce cats and dogs to their new home

Your new pet should not have been alone for days. As soon as you bring them into the house, they should be gently introduced to the new place by allowing them to get familiar with the area. Dogs and cats will smell the house in different ways and some may make the wrong choice. If your dog can not yet control his instinct, he may become afraid of the surroundings and start barking when you get up and out of the room.

The following methods are presented to you in a logical order and should provide a positive introduction to the new house and its inhabitants.

The first thing you have to do is put on some music that your new pets like and leave them alone in your room to explore the space. It is possible for your pets to do this for a few minutes and not be harmed. It's just like a human introducing his new house to another new person. It will be much better if you do this several times and leave your pets alone. If your pets do not get up after some time, you can open a window and let some fresh air come in. This will get your pets used to the smell of your room and your new house.

As soon as you come out of your room, walk calmly to your pets. It is better to do this when you are wearing a light-colored shirt and jeans. Cats and dogs do not like dark clothing and they will start scratching you. As soon as you come close to your pets, they should sniff your leg or hand. If they are still afraid of the new place and do not approach you, you may slowly touch them with your hand and give them a gentle stroke. In this case, your pets will start getting used to the house and its new environment.

If your new pet is a cat, you have to allow it to jump on a chair and to explore the space. This is what cats do to get familiar with new surroundings. Your cat can smell the room and will decide where it wants to rest and eat. If it likes the place, it will come to you when you call it. If it does not like the place, you have to choose between you and your cat.

You can take the same route when it comes to dogs. Dogs can not jump on chairs and cats. Dogs can sniff in the space and they will decide what they like and what they do not like. If they do not like the new house, they will run and bark. If your dogs like the place, they will come to you and lie down near you. Dogs do not like places with too many stairs, doors, and corners, but most of them will not be harmed if they see you, touch them, or come close to them.

Your new pets should not be alone in the space for more than a few hours. In this case, you have to leave them alone in your new house until they feel safe and calm. It's just like humans. People do not want to spend all day with people they have never met. We do not want to spend a week with our friends or relatives. The same applies to animals. If your pets are afraid, they will not be able to get the right information and they will be confused about their new place.

If you are worried that you pets may scratch or bite you, you have to wear long sleeves and a light-colored shirt. You can put some dog or cat repellent in your room or you can place some furniture in front of the door or close the window and turn off the lights in the room. You should also keep your pets' food in a different room than your new house. Cats and dogs like different smells and you can buy a spray that can repel them. It's better to spray the room, the bed, and the place your pets spend the most time, because this way they will get used to the new smell and will not bother you when you come close. You should only spray your pets' room when you leave them alone in the house.

The following method is only used when your pets are younger. You should not use this method if your pets are older than 6 months. You should put some toys in your pets' rooms and play with them. If you play with them, they will learn how to use toys and it will help them learn how to use them at home. It's just like when you teach your children how to play and learn new things. If your pets are scared and do not want to play with you, you should take them to your pets' room and show them some toys there.

The first time you do this, you should sit down with them and you can tell them that they can come to your room. You should not say that they can come to the room when they are older. They may feel uncomfortable and do not want to leave their room. When you come out of the room, you can let them sniff your hands. If your pets have become used to the smell of your hands, they will get used to the smell of your new house. You can repeat this method several times until your pets get used to the smell of your hands.

After a few hours, you can tell your pets to come to your room and play. If you see that your pets are tired, you can take them to the room and put them in your bed. They will feel safe there and will sleep until you get up in the morning. If your pets come to you when you are playing with them, they will start feeling safe and they will be more relaxed. It's better to play with them every day, because your pets will learn how to act around you. If they learn to act around you, you will spend much less time with them and they will not bother you as much.

You can also play with your pets by petting them and walking them around the room. Dogs like to walk around the room and they can be happy. It's just like when you teach your children to walk. Dogs and cats like to be close to you and to get the same information that you give them. Your pets will learn how to control themselves if they are in a familiar environment. You can repeat this method every day

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